The Company

Who We Are and What We Do

Company Profile

Founded in 1993 and operated by veteran media and public relations professionals, Metro Monitor provides professional news monitoring and news clipping services to a diverse client base. Metro Monitor provides the following services:

Metro Monitor records and monitors local and national TV and radio news broadcasts. All local newscasts are archived in Metro Monitor's news database. The database may be researched for up to five years from the original broadcast date.

Our Mission

Metro Monitor's mission, since 1993, has been to enable busy professionals to make informed public relations decisions by providing relevant, timely and cost effective media information. Thousands of clients rely on Metro Monitor for TV news clips, media monitoring, and media analysis services.

What can Metro Monitor do for me?

Metro Monitor provides peace of mind. The majority of the public relies on fleeting media moments (the infamous "sound bite"), for almost all they know about current subjects. Public opinions and corporate identities are defined each day according to what is said and seen on highly perishable television newscasts. Metro Monitor ensures that no matter what is said, clients are always in the know.

Metro Monitor provides cost-effective media tracking. Metro Monitor records, monitors, and archives all of the news. Clients enjoy comprehensive news monitoring services at cost-effective rates.

Metro Monitor allows you to keep an eye on the competition. Whether it's a corporate, political, or legal issue, there is always competition and there are always two sides to every story. With Metro Monitor, you always know how both sides are being presented in the media.

Metro Monitor tracks the success of public relations efforts. With Metro Monitor's media monitoring services and news clips, media relations professionals always know what was said, when it was said, where it was said, and who said it. This valuable information allows for quick response to questions from the public, customers, stakeholders, vendors, and employees.

Metro Monitor has all of the news, all of the time. Metro Monitor provides video news clips and news reports from more than 210 local U.S television markets and all network and cable news channels. Extensive monitoring and recording of local and national radio news programs is also available.