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Meet your media relations toolkit

Media Monitoring Services

Media Monitor Pro provides all of the media monitoring, management, and analysis tools needed by communications professionals in one easy to use package.
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TV and Radio News Monitoring

Always know what is being said about your brand in the broadcast media. With proactive media alerts and unlimited video and audio downloads.
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Online News and Social Media Monitoring

Always know what is being said about your brand online. Comprehensive reporting of your mentions from online news and social media sources.
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TV News Clips

Fast delivery of high quality news clips from all local markets and national TV news programs.
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Radio News Clips

Fast delivery of radio news clips from hundreds of stations and programs.
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HD News Clips

Your TV news clips provided in High Definition.
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NEW: Easily record multiple live radio programs from stations throughout the world. Play and download recordings anytime.
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Media Contacts and Press Release Services

Your gateway to the media. Create the perfect press release, identify target media outlets, and get the word out to your audience.
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