Watching the News For You.


If you need fast delivery of a news clip or need help tracking a media event, we can help. Just call us at 800-861-5255 and we will get you what you need right away.

If you need ongoing proactive media monitoring and news clip services, Metro Monitor can provide a custom media monitoring solution that will make your job easier.

Always Know What the Media is Saying

  • Comprehensive monitoring of all news sources. TV News, Online News, and Radio News coverage delivered to you as it happens.
  • Know what is being said about your brand in the “always on” media world.
  • Quickly save and share an unlimited number of TV news clips. View your saved clips from any computer or mobile device.
  • Permanent online storage of media coverage and news clips to allow for quick retrieval and reporting.
  • Real client service via phone and email available anytime. We perform “Metro Miracles” for our clients everyday.
  • Easy to budget flat rate pricing. No contract required.

Make the Most of Your Media Coverage

Instant Media Alerts — Never be surprised by the news again. Metro Monitor will email you instant media alerts anytime the news that is important to you is mentioned in the media.

Power Search — Through our web based media platform, you can access sophisticated search technology to quickly locate any news story.

Easy Export and Analysis — Build custom reports and graphs. Export your news data to Excel and Word for further analysis.

Unlimited Video Clips — Edit and save news clips you need in any format you require.

Save and Share — All online and TV news results are permanently stored for you. All video clips are permanently saved and available for downloading and sharing.

Amplify Your Message — Use our Public Newsroom and sharing tools to quickly publish news clips to your website. Share important media coverage with your key stakeholders.

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