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Metro Monitor is Proud to Support Local Public Radio

August 26, 2016

All of us at Metro Monitor are news junkies. We spend the majority of our time and resources at Metro Monitor monitoring local and national news programs on behalf of our clients. One of our favorite sources for news is local radio news programming. We especially appreciate the local news coverage provided by National Public […]

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Create Great Looking News Clips With MultiClip Editor

July 6, 2016

The MultiClip editor from Metro Monitor makes it easier than ever to edit news clips of media coverage. This tool was built in direct response to the needs of clients who were looking for an easy way to edit multiple portions of news programs into a single video clip. This capability is unique to Metro […]

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Metro Monitor Announces Mobile App for Media Monitoring

June 27, 2016

Metro Monitor is pleased to announce the release of a new mobile app for media monitoring. The My News Now app from Metro Monitor provides clients with the ability to quickly view and share their media monitoring results on any mobile device. Our clients are busy and not always in front of a computer. We […]

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Video of My News Now Media Monitoring App

June 27, 2016

Download the My News Now App: Transcript: Metro Monitor is pleased to announce the release of our new mobile Media Monitoring app. The My News Now App provides you with the ability to quickly view and share your media results on any mobile device. We know you are busy and not always in front of […]

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Contract Free Media Monitoring

June 20, 2016

At Metro Monitor, we believe the way to give real value to our clients is to provide them the services they need, when they need them, at a price point that works within their budget. Almost all media monitoring services have moved toward a software as a service business model. One of the tactics these […]

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Choosing a Media Monitoring Service

February 1, 2016

  All organizations have a story to tell and a brand to manage. An important tool for the communications professional is access to a reliable media monitoring service. Today there are more media outlets than ever before. With the expansion of media outlets, there has also been an increase in the media monitoring options available […]

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Metro Monitor Serves Media Relations Clients With HD News Clips

September 25, 2015

At Metro Monitor we fulfill a large number of requests from our clients to provide clips of their news coverage in the High Definition format. To meet that demand, we continue to be a leader in converting our news clip archives to High Definition. HD news clips are a great way to share your important media […]

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Video Overview of Media Monitor Pro

August 18, 2015

Metro Monitor’s Media Monitor Pro service allows communication professionals to have all of the tools they need to monitor and analyze their media coverage in a single platform. This four minute video provides an overview of the benefits of Media Monitor Pro. Video Transcript: Today’s fast-paced News world has placed ever increasing demands on communications […]

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The Business of News is Going Strong

August 9, 2015

It’s no secret that the number of sources available for staying up to date on the news has continued to expand. This expansion of sources and the increased demand for news is creating an exciting time to be in the news monitoring business. Our team at Metro Monitor is obsessed with news about news. Provided […]

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Metro Monitor Makes Austin Acquisition

June 23, 2015

Metro Monitor has acquired Teleclip, an Austin based media monitoring and news clipping service. The acquisition will expand Metro Monitor’s presence in the capital city of Texas. The Teleclip team has been in business for 37 years and has established strong relationships with the public relations community in Austin. We look forward to building on those relationships with […]

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