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High Definition

Metro Monitor Brings HD News Clips to West Palm Beach

Metro Monitor has added high definition recording of local news programs in the West Palm Beach market. Metro Monitor has been providing West Palm Beach news clips to the media relations community for years. Now all news clips in the West Palm Beach market are available in HD to ensure clients receive the news clips […]

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Metro Monitor Serves Media Relations Clients With HD News Clips

At Metro Monitor we fulfill a large number of requests from our clients to provide clips of their news coverage in the High Definition format. To meet that demand, we continue to be a leader in converting our news clip archives to High Definition. HD news clips are a great way to share your important media […]

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Metro Monitor Expands High Definition News Clip Operations

Metro Monitor continues to invest in recording local and national news programs in high definition video. We roll out HD recording to new markets on a regular basis to ensure that our clients have access to news clips in the highest video quality possible. We have recently added HD news recording in the Atlanta, Miami, Birmingham, San […]

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