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Media Monitoring Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Stay on top of important news Nonprofit organization’s can leverage the power of public relations to create awareness of community events, and fundraising activities. The power of PR doesn’t stop with raising awareness. Effective public relations can help nonprofits build relationships that will lead to more donations and better community relations. Nonprofit organizations can leverage […]

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Top Reasons a Broadcast Media Monitoring Service is Essential for Media Professionals

Communication professionals can benefit from using a broadcast media monitoring service in multiple ways. The valuable media insights gained help stakeholders stay informed and assist in making better decisions for their organization. Utilizing a media monitoring service allows communication professionals to track TV and radio news mentions of their organization, industry, and competitors. It provides […]

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What is a media monitoring service?

What is media monitoring and what services do media monitoring services provide? At the most basic level, media monitoring refers to the practice of collecting large amounts of media data from news sources and running searches against the collected media data to locate specific media mentions. Media monitoring is utilized by organizations large and small […]

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4 Tips to Use a Media Monitoring Service Sales Rep to Your Advantage

Who doesn’t love 2 phone calls and 3 emails a day from a sales person? Chances are we’ve all had this experience at some point whether it’s the stereotypical used car salesman or a media monitoring sales rep. No matter what the scenario, it’s never fun. What makes it even worse is that it usually […]

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Play Ball! If you can find it…

With the return of the abbreviated 2020 Major League Baseball season, some fans may find watching their favorite team is harder than it’s been in the past, especially the growing number of cord cutters.  According to industry analyst, NoCable, almost 20% of US households now rely on streaming streaming services to get their TV fix. […]

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