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Media Monitoring Services are not a Commodity

Over the past few years, there have been a large number of new companies entering the media monitoring services space. With all of these new services, it can be difficult to determine exactly which one will be the best fit for your organization. Many of the services appear to offer similar services. Our research of the competitive landscape has revealed that there are vast differences in the offerings among the various media monitoring services. It is important to understand how these platforms differ from each other and how those differences impact your decision when choosing the best media monitoring provider for your organization.

There are major differences among the media monitoring services

When choosing a media monitoring tool for your organization, it’s important to select the one that meets the specific needs of your organization. With so many options, how do you know which one is best for your needs?

What media sources do you want to monitor?

It’s important to keep in mind that the services you receive from a media monitoring company will depend on what information sources you want to monitor. Many services claim to monitor all media sources that include monitoring of print, online news, social media, TV, and radio content. In order to ensure that the service is able to deliver the results that are important to you, we recommend asking for a free trial period of the service to allow you to see the exact media results that are delivered. If a media monitoring service is not willing to offer you a free trial or sample period, that may be a red flag.

Is a contract required for media monitoring?

Many media monitoring firms require their customers to lock into a long term contract prior to activating the service. There are some firms that do not require a contact. A “ no contract required” media monitoring service ensures that their goals are aligned with their customers and that the customers are free to utilize the service for as long as true value is being delivered.

Look for Cost Savings

Another factor to consider when choosing a media monitoring service is cost. There are several costs associated with media monitoring services, including setup fees and monthly subscription fees. There are ways in which you can reduce these expenses without sacrificing quality. There are large differences in the fees charged by media monitoring services. One way to limit the expense for media monitoring is to do some shopping around. Some of the best rates can be found by utilizing a media monitoring service that specializes in monitoring media for just the content or geographic regions that are important to your business.

Find a media monitoring service that fits your specific needs to get the best results and save money.

Choosing the right media monitoring service for your business is an important decision in building out your communication tool kit. Media monitoring services are not all the same and time spent doing some research of the various tools available, will pay dividends going forward.

Media monitoring is a powerful tool that can help you maintain your online reputation and get ahead of any negative press. The key is finding the right media monitoring service for your business needs. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on where to start.

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