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Media Monitoring is an Information Asset

Media monitoring is a strategic tool for organizations, allowing them to stay on top of what’s being said about their brand or company. It’s not just about monitoring the number of mentions, but also the sentiment and overall impact around those mentions.

Maintaining a database that stores all your brand mentions, along with the sentiment associated with each one, allows you to better understand what people are saying about your company and make informed decisions based on this information.

What are information assets?

Information assets include the entire management of information: collecting and managing this information, structured or not, from one or more sources, storing it in an organized manner (sorting, indexing, filing, saving), and distributing it to the relevant audience.

Some ways organizations can use media monitoring as an information asset include:

Brand Awareness

Maintaining a database with all your brand mentions will allow you to track awareness of your brand over time. This data can help you determine whether or not your marketing efforts are working and where there might be room for improvement.

Customer Engagement

Media monitoring allows you to identify customer trends and patterns so that you can tailor customer service efforts accordingly. Staying on top of media mentions across all media outlets allows you to quickly respond to customer feedback and identity opportunities for improvement.

Public Relations Tracking

A primary information asset that is created through media monitoring is the ability to track the success of public relations efforts of an organization. By gathering all media mentions of a public relations issue an organization can determine if the message they are intending to share with the public is being received.

Early Warning System

Media monitoring can provide an early warning system of potential issues before they become a large problem. For example, if an organization sees a spike in negative comments or news stories, media monitoring can provide the information to help address issues before they become a larger concern.

Competitive Benchmarking

Media monitoring allows companies to compare themselves against their competitors by tracking not only the volume of news stories, but also the subject matter, tone, and audience reach for each story.

Media monitoring services have been helping companies stay up-to-date with media coverage for a long time. It’s true that the technology and tools have changed over the years, but the core value proposition of media monitoring has not. Media monitoring is the key to gathering information about what people are saying about your organization in various online and offline channels. The information provided by media monitoring creates a valuable information asset that creates significant value for organizations over time

Metro Monitor provides proactive media monitoring services to strategy and public relations professionals. To learn more about our services, please reach out.

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