Watching the News For You.


Benefits of Contract Free Media Monitoring Services

Why media monitoring without contracts benefits communications professionals.

Being able to track and measure media attention is arguably a necessity for PR pros, but doing so can be a lengthy, expensive headache to find the right way to go about it. Most media monitoring services are going to require a long-term contract to use their platforms – usually 12 -24 months (sometimes even longer… yikes!). Metro Monitor is unique in that we don’t require a contract whatsoever. Yep, completely contract-free media monitoring. Think of it like your favorite TV and movie streaming service: you can start and stop whenever you like, but the binge-worthy news content our platform delivers will keep you hooked and, most importantly, your clients and audiences will be informed and happy.


We often find there are clients and situations that simply don’t need to track news all the time: major announcements, nonprofit fundraising events, brand or product launches, grand openings, crisis communication situations, and countless others. They all have something in common: the media attention is usually hyper focused, concentrated, and short-lived. This can often leave communications teams in an uncomfortable predicament – either sign on to a monitoring service for a year and hope it’s worth it, or go without and risk missing news stories and data. A month-to-month media monitoring service allows you to have access to robust monitoring tools when you need it, but no unnecessary expenses when you don’t.

Added Value

A contract-free monitoring service can be a huge security blanket, even for brands in the news every day of the year. Have an upcoming media campaign you want to be super-duper, extra sure you’re finding every mention possible? Metro Monitor’s flexible, month-to-month structure can make it easy to add as a backup resource to other platforms and services for a short-term project without breaking the bank.

Budget Friendly

With a no-contract media monitoring service, there’s never a risk of paying for a service that you don’t use. Metro Monitor also understands that not everyone is working with a Fortune 500 company and all the resources that go along with that. We offer discounts for nonprofit and government organizations, and no client is treated like a cookiecutter, one-size-fits-all kind of account. Metro Monitor right-sizes all of our offerings for each client to make sure you’re getting all of what you need and none of what you don’t. Our service platform is flexible which makes our pricing flexible too. We can work with almost any budget to provide a service that makes sense for everyone.

Outcomes Achieved

Whether or not you choose to use Metro Monitor’s platform for 10 days or 10 years, users are able to access the full functionality of our platform. There’s no limits put on an account simply because you only want to use it for a month or two. All accounts have the ability to receive weekly, daily, or real-time email notifications of media mentions, access to a login through our website to manage data, the ability to create your own reports, download video and radio clips, and the ability to track an unlimited number of search terms, names, phrases, etc. – all with the measurement metrics communication professionals need to quantify the reach and value of their news stories.

Real Customer Service

So who’s going to answer my questions? Bots? Automated phone operators? Well… no again, actually. Metro Monitor uses (gasp) humans for anything client service related. Sign on with a media monitoring service and you’re assigned a dedicated account representative – one that actually answers the phone and responds to emails – and they will help guide you through the whole process from developing your search criteria to training to billing questions. Don’t believe us? Give us a call and see who answers 1-800-861-5255.