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Media Monitoring Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Stay on top of important news

Nonprofit organization’s can leverage the power of public relations to create awareness of community events, and fundraising activities. The power of PR doesn’t stop with raising awareness. Effective public relations can help nonprofits build relationships that will lead to more donations and better community relations. Nonprofit organizations can leverage media coverage to spread their message, and to keep their donors engaged.

Media Monitoring Tools

Media monitoring services provide a nonprofit communications team with the toolkit they need to make the most of their media opportunities and media coverage. Tracking media coverage from TV, radio, and online news sources is a time consuming task. It is difficult to do well without the assistance of a comprehensive media monitoring tool. Media monitoring tools not only provide knowledge of what is being said about the organization, but also provide options for how to engage audiences in a way that drives positive change.

Many media monitoring platforms also provide a way to obtain permanent copies of TV and radio news clips. These media clips can be shared internally and externally through social media to broaden the audience for the organization’s messaging.

Measuring Media Outcomes

The goal of media monitoring services for nonprofits is to enable the communications team to assess and manage the impact of their fundraising campaigns, communications, events, and stories in a timely and impactful manner. This is accomplished through monitoring and providing analysis to inform decision making.

Utilizing a media monitoring service allows for the tracking of media coverage the organization receives. It also allows for the tracking of news stories related to the causes that the nonprofit supports in the community. Media metrics help nonprofits gain an understanding of the value of their public relations and community outreach efforts.

Affordable Media Monitoring

Cost effective media monitoring solutions are available to nonprofit organizations.

At Metro Monitor we work with a large number of nonprofit organizations that utilize our proactive media monitoring services. We believe in the good work of the nonprofit community and are always willing to support their efforts by providing discounted rates to non profit organizations. If you would like to learn more about how Metro Monitor can assist the media efforts of your nonprofit, please contact us.