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Metro Monitor Expands Radio News Monitoring Services

Metro Monitor has recently expanded the number of radio stations that are proactively recorded and monitored under their media monitoring platform.

“Our clients have relied on Metro Monitor to assist them with tracking those hard to find TV news clips for years. We are bringing that same level of comprehensiveness and quality of service to our radio news monitoring services.” – Bryan Council, President of Metro Monitor.

Metro Monitor recently added 30 new radio stations. All stations were added in direct response to requests from existing clients that need to stay on top of the breaking news and interviews that only take place on local radio.

The stations that have been added expand the radio monitoring in important media markets including New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, and Atlanta while also expanding radio monitoring in a number of smaller media markets like Austin and Birmingham.

All of the additional radio stations are immediately available to subscribers of Metro Monitor’s Media Monitor Pro service. Metro Monitor can also provide radio news clips and monitoring to clients on an “as needed” basis.

To learn more about radio monitoring services or to request a radio clip for a specific station, please reach out to let us know how we can help.