Watching the News For You.


Metro Monitor is Proud to Support Local Public Radio

All of us at Metro Monitor are news junkies. We spend the majority of our time and resources at Metro Monitor monitoring local and national news programs on behalf of our clients. One of our favorite sources for news is local radio news programming. We especially appreciate the local news coverage provided by National Public Radio affiliates.

We support public radio through underwriting support for our local public radio station. You can hear a sample of our local public radio underwriter message on WBHM in the audio below.

Public radio continues to be in important source for local and national news and we are proud to support local journalism.

At Metro Monitor we record and monitor hundreds of radio stations throughout the United States, including many local public radio stations. Radio news has a significant influence on public opinion. We believe staying on top of this important news source is a key component to helping our clients stay informed about the news that is important to them.