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What is a media monitoring service?

What is media monitoring and what services do media monitoring services provide?

At the most basic level, media monitoring refers to the practice of collecting large amounts of media data from news sources and running searches against the collected media data to locate specific media mentions.

Media monitoring is utilized by organizations large and small to keep track of when they are mentioned in the media. It is also used to track mentions of competitors, partner organizations, industry news, and other subject matters of interest to the organization. Media monitoring tools typically provide specific news results via emailed news alerts and access to custom news monitoring portals that help clients monitor, archive, and report on the impact of their media coverage.

Media monitoring can include basic tools such as Google News Alerts and custom spreadsheets for tracking media mentions. With these tools, some organizations are able to build in-house media monitoring solutions that allow them to monitor a custom set of media sources for news of interest.

Many organizations rely on professional media monitoring services to provide the media tracking results required to help them stay on top of relevant news stories. Organizations seeking to outsource their media monitoring have a variety of companies to choose from. Each of these services provides a unique set of tools and access to custom media tracking databases that are designed to meet specific client needs.

To determine the best media monitoring service for your organization, it is important to evaluate the specific news sources that are important to your business and brand. Categories of media types that are important to include in media monitoring efforts are TV news and radio news programs, social media, and online news sources. Monitoring of newspapers and print publications is evolving to monitoring of the online versions of publications as the news print industry transitions away from traditional print media.

New categories of media that are starting to be provided in comprehensive media monitoring services include monitoring of podcasts and monitoring of streaming news programs from news outlets that are only available via internet stream.

If your organization is interested in learning more about the media monitoring services provided by Metro Monitor, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and see if we are a good match to help with your media monitoring needs.

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