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Contract Free Media Monitoring

At Metro Monitor, we believe the way to give real value to our clients is to provide them the services they need, when they need them, at a price point that works within their budget.

Almost all media monitoring services have moved toward a software as a service business model. One of the tactics these services use to lock their customers into their services is long term contracts. Many of these contracts include auto renewal features that further bind clients to pay for the services. This results in clients finding themselves paying for services they no longer need or that are not living up to the promises that were made when the contract was originally signed.

Metro Monitor is one of the only media monitoring companies that does not require a contract to use our services. By not requiring contracts, we ensure that our services are aligned with the needs of our customers. If a client only needs a media monitoring service for a short term project or their needs change, they are free to stop and start services as often as needed.

Contract free media monitoring ensures that we do our best to earn and retain our client’s business everyday. Our clients appreciate this business model and trust us to provide them with the knowledge they need to stay on top of all of the media coverage that is important to them.