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Create Great Looking News Clips With MultiClip Editor

The MultiClip editor from Metro Monitor makes it easier than ever to edit news clips of media coverage. This tool was built in direct response to the needs of clients who were looking for an easy way to edit multiple portions of news programs into a single video clip.

This capability is unique to Metro Monitor’s Media Monitor Pro platform. Clients no longer have to create multiple files or use expensive video editing tools to compile a complete news clip.

When video for a story airs multiple times in the same news program, a common occurrence in live TV broadcasts, all of the relevant coverage can now be edited together into a single video clip. Clients will also be able to include a show open or teaser segment with their news clips that identify the station, date, and time that the story originally aired.

The MultiClip editor is available for free to all Metro Monitor clients that utilize the Media Monitor Pro service. The video below provides an overview on how to use this new feature from Metro Monitor. Please contact us if we can help with additional details.

Video Overview of MultiClip Editor for Creating News Clips

Key Advantages of the MultiClip News Editor

– Easily edit multiple news segments together into a single video

– Include a show open with your news clip to identity the station, date, and time of the broadcast

– Include broadcast teases that mention your story

– Edit multiple airings of your media coverage from within the same newcasts into a single video file

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