Watching the News For You.


The Business of News is Going Strong

It’s no secret that the number of sources available for staying up to date on the news has continued to expand. This expansion of sources and the increased demand for news is creating an exciting time to be in the news monitoring business.

Our team at Metro Monitor is obsessed with news about news. Provided below are a few ideas and links to interesting stories that help frame where the news industry is and where it is headed.

– The majority of people are still relying on traditional news sources to get their news. For example, old-fashioned radio still reaches more adults than any other medium. According to Nielsen, 93 percent of American adults listen to AM/FM radio weekly; 87 percent watch television; and 70 percent use smartphones in a given week. The Innovation section of the Observer has a good read on the powerful reach of traditional radio.

– The recent purchase of The Financial Times by Nikkei for $1.3 billion is a strong vote of confidence in the journalism assets that the 127 year old publication has established.

– Entrepreneur and tech visionary, Marc Andreessen believes we are entering a golden age of journalism. If you are a news nerd, this is a must read.

At Metro Monitor, we archive and track news on behalf of our clients. The combination of traditional news sources such as radio and TV news programs with online news content makes a best in class media monitoring service a key component of your media relations toolkit. As the demand and sources for news expands, we are committed to providing our clients with the tools they need to always know what is being said about them in the media. We do not create the news, but are privileged to be a small part of the dynamic news industry.

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