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Metro Monitor Announces Mobile App for Media Monitoring

Metro Monitor is pleased to announce the release of a new mobile app for media monitoring. The My News Now app from Metro Monitor provides clients with the ability to quickly view and share their media monitoring results on any mobile device. Our clients are busy and not always in front of a computer. We thought it was important to give our users a better way to stay on top of their media coverage when they are on the go.

One of the great features of the mobile app is that it provides communication professionals and brand managers with the ability to access all of their media monitoring mentions from any device at anytime. The My News Now app includes the ability to view and share results from all media sources including TV, Radio, Online, Social and Print. A media analysis tool is included in the app to provide quick insights into the trends and impact of media coverage.

Sharing important media coverage is also easier than ever with the My News Now app. Users can quickly share any media mention using a variety of sharing options available from within the app.

The My News Now app is provided for free to all Metro Monitor clients and is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. We are proud to be able to provide this tool to our clients and look forward to adding enhancements to the application going forward.

A video overview of the My News Now app is available here.

Download the My News Now App from the Apple App Store or Google Play: